Unfortunately the psychic world includes a lot of charlatans. They either believe they are psychic and are deluded, drawn by the idea of feeling important, helpful and special, living in a fantasy world or after your money.

When Libby was a young woman she decided it should be essential that everyone who claims to be able to do psychic, medium, clairvoyant, tarot etc readings be tested and proven. So that clients are not being misled with fairy stories and trusting someone who should not be trusted with their happiness and future. A caring and genuine consultant would put your welfare before their ego, happiness or bank balance. She asked The British Astrological & Psychic Society to test her. These tests took months and were very time consuming. A handful of their experts, people she had never spoken to before and did not know, people who were totally unbiased towards her, tested her and all of them gave her the thumbs up. Over the next few years she agreed to be tested by various newspapers and magazines and passed all of their tests too. Many of the reporters who tested her gave her glowing references. None of these tests were legally compulsory, but as far as Libby is concerned they were morally compulsory. As time passed Libby appeared in many newspapers, magazines, radio and television and had celebrity clients.

She is one of the only full time professionals (most do it as a paid hobby or part time at best) and has been a full time professional for over forty five years.

Booking a service with Libby means you agree to her terms of business – see below.

You must be at least eighteen years of age to use this service.

All consultations are private and confidential and paid for in advance by PayPal – an easy, quick, safe method.

Libby Anna Greenfield cannot be held responsible for the happiness of our clients and the actions and decisions they make. Libby works on the basis of how to improve your life and does not do general sessions. A good clairvoyant warns a client about possibilities, obstacles, people and opportunities. Rather like a sat nav tells you when it is best that you turn left or right or avoid a traffic jam. NO clairvoyant can predict whether you will decide to see someone again, dump them or treat them so badly that they dump you. No matter how sensible and true what Libby tells you you may ignore her advice and free will comes into play. You should ignore anyone who claims they can predict your future as if it is set in stone, this is impossible and it is harmful and restrictive to believe this works.

Libby can tell you if you are compatible and she can tell you if it is worth trying hard to make a relationship work, she can tell you if someone loves you and is being honest with you, she can tell you if you will meet someone you like more and what they will be like and if it can turn out the way you want. She can advise you on how to make sure your future is happy, but she cannot force you to follow the guidance she gives you.

Unlike most psychics Libby Anna Greenfield offers a lot of methods of divination and guidance. This enables her to cover all aspects. Anyone who ONLY offers one or two methods is very limited in what they can tell you. Different methods are good for different things, the tarot cards are great for some things which the pendulum would not help with and vice versa. There is no such thing as a better method, if there was there would be no point to doing the others.

If you have a medical problem, legal problem, financial problem etc a psychic reading can be a huge help but it should never take the place of the appropriate professional help – a doctor, solicitor, financial etc. nor wise judgment, the Information provided is intended as a guide only. Libby cannot predict the outcome of a legal matter or an illness, nobody can. Anyone who claims they can are either deluded, lying and telling you what you want to hear.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety or a mental health issue it may be better for you to have therapy as well as readings. Libby is a qualified therapist as well as a qualified clairvoyant and psychic medium.

Libby Anna Greenfield does not give refunds. This is the same whether you have just ordered and are awaiting your consultation – and changed your mind – which is a work in progress or she has completed and you have received the whole thing. Once Libby has received your order she has commenced work for you (i.e. tuning in to you, maybe a numerology chart, which is helpful to you but useless to any other client) ) that time and work must be paid for. This applies to all services. Unknown and unqualified clairvoyants do not give free samples, and Libby Anna Greenfield is very experienced and recommended by experts and the Press. As for claiming that the reading you got was unsatisfactory this is down to interpretation and some would say this simply because Libby did not tell them what they want to hear. Anyone can claim that simply to get a refund even if they were delighted with it.

Libby is highly recommended by experts and the Press so you have no reason to doubt her but if you are new to her and unsure choose a cheap consultation and return for a more in-depth reading once you feel more confident. Be 100% sure you want the service you are ordering and paying for before you order it as you cannot cancel it at any time for any reason after.


Are you looking to have one quick reading and then maybe return soon for another or would you rather have a more in depth, fuller, longer reading the first time so that you should not need to return soon over the same matter? There is a vast choice of email readings, basic and in depth, short and long, to cover all budgets and needs. You can also book a numerology reading to see if you are compatible with whoever for a long term business or love relationship. Considering that Libby Anna Greenfield has been a full time professional for forty five years AND has been recommended by a lot of newspapers, magazines, experts and professionals – i.e. The British Astrological and Psychic Society, her prices are very affordable. There are a lot of amateurs who have not been around long and are not proven who charge as much or more than her.

Please do not assume that if you ask a question or only want a one word answer, i.e. yes or no then it only takes Libby a moment to do this, it might take a competent clairvoyant psychic medium an hour to get a good insight into your question even if it only requires a one word answer. Libby does in depth readings that require more time, skill and words and explain things more fully. Her readings are priced according to how much time is spent on them as well as how many words you end up receiving as a result of that time. It is a false economy to ask for a very short basic reading if needing Libby Anna Greenfield to do a lot of work and go into a lot of detail. You would have to return soon to have another consultation to complete what she started or leave it half done.

The shortest most basic email reading is often chosen by people who have had a more in depth and longer consultation before and just need to tie up loose ends. If you have a serious or complicated issue and you only wish to book one email reading please make sure it is in depth and/or long enough. It is cheaper in the long run to do this than to have to keep returning for more short quick readings. And quicker.


All of my spells are white magic. This means they can only enhance your life, perhaps someone else’s life, perhaps the lives of a lot of people. And they never do any damage to anyone. Whether that be physical or emotional. Beware of anyone who offers you black magic. It is dangerous or they are fakes.

Most established, reputable, full time professional psychics take their clients for granted and value their time too much to do consultations for them! They are retired. They get unqualified, junior, unknown and inexperienced newbies, pay them very little and pass on their readings to them! The established, well known psychic wants to own the website and get the money but not do any work.Very often they get a manager to deal with staff and a web designer to deal with the website and do nothing at all themselves. They are selling their name and face to a product – similar to George Foreman’s grill. Surely you did not think that an ex boxer had designed the grill himself? Famous people sometimes use their name to draw in new clients, it happens a lot in the clairvoyant and tarot World, but you get a very amateurish unqualified reply from someone who is inexperienced and not popular or organised and good enough at business to get their own clients. IF you had met this same unknown person any other way they would have been cheaper and you probably would have said no thank you I would rather go to someone more experienced and qualified.

Libby Anna Greenfield does all of her email readings, healing and spells herself.

Choose your consultation carefully and be sure that you wish to order it. Once you have ordered a service this is passed on to Libby who commences work on it as soon as possible.

Once you have received your service from Libby you are free to return for more help and information whenever you wish, come to the website and book and pay for a reading,healing or spell, we cannot pass on separate emails and notes to her.

Please note Libby is very busy with consultations and finds it hard to fit them all in. Doing consultations is exhausting and emotional. Disrespectful, rude, demanding and difficult clients will be refused consultations and any payment they have made for a service which has not yet been done will be refunded in full. Rosemary and her staff will not enter into further correspondence to discuss, justify or negotiate this.

Libby Anna Greenfield works all day weekdays. She never works bank holidays or evenings. Do bear in mind that if you order a consultation on a Friday the office will not be able to see it and process it until after the weekend.
Sadly, the law states that we have to remind you that all spiritual work is for entertainment purposes only.






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