List of Methods of Divination

List of methods of divination.  These are just a few forms of divination that a psychic might use. The effectiveness and accuracy of these psychic methods are often a subject of debate, but they remain a fascinating aspect of human nature.


This is the practice of divining the future by observing the air and it’s elements such as clouds, wind, atmospheric conditions, rain etc. Weather patterns and phenomena are often used for psychic interpretations.


Aichmomancy is the act of using sharp objects, like knives or needles, in divination. The way they fall or their positions can be interpreted as messages.


This divination method involves using a rooster or a hen. The diviner places grain or other items with symbols on them in a circle. The bird is released into the circle and the diviner interprets the patterns and choices made by the bird as a form of prophecy.


Alomancy is the art of divination by sprinkling salt on a surface and interpreting the patterns it forms as it scatters. It is also divining with the use of sea shells and seaweed.

Animal Spirits

In various indigenous and shamanic traditions, animals are considered to have spirit guides or totems associated with them. People may connect with these animal spirits through meditation, dreams, or visions to gain guidance and insights.

Dreaming of Animals

Dreams involving specific animals are sometimes interpreted

Angel Card Reading

Angel cards are a popular divination tool where psychic readers interpret the symbols and images of the cards to provide insight into what a person’s best way forward might be.


This divination method uses the knucklebones of animals, often sheep, to make predictions based on how they land and their orientation.


Astrologers use the positions of celestial bodies to create birth charts, which they interpret to provide insights into a person’s personality, life events, and potential future.


Augury is a type of divination that focuses on the behavior and calls of birds, including both their flight patterns and vocalizations. The interpretation of these signs is often linked to the gods or supernatural forces.

Automatic Writing

Practitioners claim to receive messages or insights from the spirit world by allowing their hand to write unconsciously.


Axinomancy is the practice of interpreting the patterns formed by burning an ax or a hatchet and studying the resulting charred or heated marks to gain insight into future events.


In botanomancy, one tosses leaves or plants into the air and interprets their arrangement upon landing as an omen or prediction.


This method uses the head of a donkey or other animal, often boiled alive, to predict the future. The sounds it makes or its movements are analyzed for divinatory purposes.

Cetacean Divination

In some coastal cultures, the behavior and presence of marine mammals, such as dolphins or whales, are considered meaningful. The sighting of these creatures might be interpreted as a positive or negative sign.


Channelers claim to communicate with spirits or entities from other realms to gain wisdom or predict the future.


Cledonomancy is the interpretation of words or phrases accidentally overheard in conversation as omens or messages about the future.


In cratomancy, one observes the movements and sounds of mirrors to obtain divinatory insights. It’s believed that mirrors can communicate with otherworldly beings.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal ball psychic readers claim to see images or symbols in a crystal ball to predict the future or gain insights.


Dactylomancy involves using rings to make predictions. Rings are dropped into a dish of water, and the patterns they create as they sink are interpreted for divination purposes.

Daisy Petal Divination

To predict romantic interests, pluck the petals from a daisy while reciting “He/She loves me, he/she loves me not,” to determine someone’s affection.

Divination with Baking

Baking divination involves creating shapes or symbols in bread, cookies, or cakes. The results can be interpreted much like other forms of divination, with the shapes and patterns conveying meaning.

Divination with Fruits and Vegetables

Some people believe that the shapes and patterns found in fruits or vegetables, such as the seeds in an apple or the lines on a tomato, can be interpreted for divinatory purposes. Each food item may have its own symbolic associations.

Divination with Honey

Some forms of divination involve dripping honey onto a plate or into water and observing the patterns it forms. The shapes can be interpreted for divinatory purposes.

Dreaming of Animals

Dreams involving specific animals are sometimes interpreted for divinatory purposes. The symbolism and behavior of the animals in the dream can be analyzed to understand their significance.

Food Oracle Rituals

In certain belief systems and traditions, special rituals are performed with specific foods or dishes. The interpretation of the outcome of the ritual can provide guidance or predictions.

Fossil Divination

Some people believe that the shapes and patterns of fossils can be used for divination, much like lithomancy or other forms of earth-based divination.


Gastromancy involves making predictions based on the sounds emanating from one’s stomach, often during a state of self-induced trance.


This form of divination involves inspecting the entrails of sacrificial animals, unusually sheep or cattle, to foretell the future. It was practiced in ancient Rome and was also known as extispicy. The haruspex would interpret the shape, colour and other attributes of the organs to make psychic predictions.


Hippomancy involves observing the behavior and movements of horses to predict the future. It was particularly popular in ancient Greece.

Horse Whispering

Some cultures believe that a horse’s behavior or reactions can be indicative of upcoming events. People may observe a horse’s behavior or analyze its movements to gain insights.

I Ching: An ancient Chinese divination method that uses a set of 64 hexagrams and a system of coins or yarrow stalks to provide guidance.


This form of divination involves observing the movements and behavior of fish, often in a body of water. The way fish swim or congregate is believed to reveal insights about the future.

Insect Omens

In some cultures, the presence, behavior, or appearance of insects like butterflies, bees, or ants is believed to carry symbolic meanings that can be interpreted for divination.

Interpreting Food Colors

The colors of various foods can also be used for divination. For example, the colors of fruits and vegetables may be associated with different aspects of life or emotions, and their appearance can be interpreted.


Lampadomancy is the practice of divination by observing the behavior of flames in oil lamps. The shapes and movements of the flames are interpreted to gain insight into the future.


Lecanomancy is the practice of using a basin of water to make predictions. The diviner observes the patterns, reflections, and ripples in the water.


Lithomancy involves casting or interpreting the patterns and shapes of stones or pebbles for divinatory purposes.


Lunomancy involves interpreting the phases of the moon to make predictions or to gain insights. The waxing and waning of the moon are often linked to cycles and changes in one’s life.


Where a psychic medium communicates with those who have passed over to the other side, loved ones or strangers, to pass messages between you and them.


Myomancy is the practice of divining the future by observing the behavior of mice. This was more common in medieval times, and it involved observing how mice interacted with certain items or symbols.


Necromancers claim to communicate with the dead to gain knowledge or foretell the future. While the practice is often associated with dark magic and has a sinister reputation, it has been a part of various cultures and folklore for many years.


Practitioners of nephomancy look to the clouds and their formations for insights into the future.


Numerologists assign meaning to numbers and use them to analyze a person’s life, personality, and destiny.


This is the interpretation of dreams to gain insights into a person’s future or to receive divine guidance. In some cultures dream analysis played a significant role in decision-making and understanding one’s destiny.


Onychomancy is the art of divination using fingernails, particularly their size, shape, and the lines or markings on them. It is often used in conjunction with palmistry.


Oomancers interpret the shapes and patters formed by the egg whites dropped into a glass of water. This is similar to tasseography, which involves reading tea leaves.

Oracle Cards

Similar to the tarot cards but more spiritual, less divination.

Ouija Boards

A board with letters and numbers used for spirit communication. It’s often considered a game but is also taken seriously by some psychics as a divination tool. It is outlawed in various countries.


This involves reading the lines, shapes, and mounts on a person’s palm to gain insights into their character and future.

Planchette Writing

This method is often associated with the Ouija board. Participants rest their hands on a small heart shaped piece called a planchette, which moves across the board to spell out messages or answer questions. It is believed that spirits guide the movement of the planchette.


Plumbomancy involves melting lead or another metal and pouring it into water. The shapes formed by the solidified metal are then analyzed to predict the future.


Psychic practitioners of pluviomancy seek to predict the future by analyzing the behavior and patterns of raindrops and rain showers.


This is a modern form of divination that involves gazing into a mirror, often in a dimly lit room, to communicate with spirits or seek insight into the future.

Rune Stones

Runes are ancient alphabetic symbols that are cast or drawn to provide answers or guidance.


This form of psychic divination involves excrement, specifically the study of feces. In some ancient cultures the appearance, texture and smell of feces were believed to reveal information about a person’s health, fortune or future.


Concentrating on something such as clouds, flames, a bowl of sand, a crystal ball or water, seeing or sensing something which the clairvoyant psychic client should know.

Self-Harm for Divination

Some extreme practices involve self-harm, such as cutting, to gain insight or communicate with spirits. These practices are dangerous and can have severe physical and mental health consequences.

Snake Divination

In some cultures, the behavior of snakes, their hissing, or their movements are considered omens. The interpretation of these behaviors may vary among different traditions.


Stichomancy is a form of psychic divination that involves randomly selecting a passage or line of text from a book or written material and interpreting it as a message or omen.

Sunset and Sunrise Divination

Observing the colors, timing, and atmospheric conditions during sunrise or sunset can be used for divinatory purposes. It may involve the interpretation of omens based on the appearance of the sun.


Tea leaves are used by psychics to predict the future by interpreting the patterns left in the bottom of a tea cup after drinking.


Tyromancy involves interpreting the coagulation patterns in cheese. It was practiced in some parts of Europe, and people would use the patterns to make predictions or answer questions.


Xylomancy uses the pattern of twigs, branches, or pieces of wood to make predictions. Often, these are thrown onto the ground, and their arrangement is analyzed.

Zoomancy with Domestic Animals

Observing the behavior of domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, or horses, can be used to predict future events. For example, a dog’s behavior or a cat’s meowing might be considered indicators of something significant.

These are just a few examples of bizarre forms of psychic and spiritual divination that a psychic might use and there are many more unconventional practices that have been developed over the centuries in various cultures. The effectiveness and accuracy of these psychic methods are often a subject of debate, but they remain a fascinating aspect of human nature.

When looking at a list of methods of divination it is important to note that the legitimacy and acceptance of these psychic and spiritual practices vary greatly. While some people believe in and rely on these methods for guidance, others view them as nothing more than pseudoscience or superstition. The legality of certain practices, such as necromancy or fraudulent psychic activities, may depend on local laws and regulations. It’s essential to approach these practices with a critical and open-minded perspective and be aware of potential legal and ethical considerations.

It’s important to note that these psychic and spiritual methods are often regarded as pseudoscience and lack empirical evidence to support their claims. People may choose to engage in these practices for entertainment, personal reflection, or cultural and spiritual reasons, but their accuracy and effectiveness are a subject of debate. List of methods of divination.

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